The Future is NOW in Casa Grande

What is going on in Casa Grande?

Don’t look now, but there is more treasure in that Arizona desert. A major announcement by Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey, proudly claimed that Lucid Motors, an electric vehicle company from Menlo Park California, has chosen Casa Grande, Arizona as its site to build their electric vehicle manufacturing plant. The company plans to invest $700 Million dollars and create over 2000 jobs. Casa Grande was chosen after a lengthy evaluation of 60 potential sites in 13 states. Founded in 2007, Lucid started out as a battery manufacturer and is forging hard into the business of electric vehicle manufacturing – and all the innovation that comes with it. The proposed factory in Casa Grande has estimated plans to produce 8000 – 10,000 cars in its first year of full production.

“The word’s out on us,” Doug Ducey 

In a statement to the press on Tuesday, the “growth focused” governor Doug Ducey and his development team rightfully claimed another victory for Arizona.

“We’ve demonstrated that Arizona is among the most competitive states in the nation to work and do business.” Doug Ducey

Ducey and his team are focused on nurturing a strong business environment in Arizona and they are attracting strong technology and manufacturing companies to the state. I recently attended a speech given by Ducey at the Canadian Club in Toronto, Canada to hear his pitch. Make no mistake: Ducey has full confidence in Arizona and our ability to compete on a global stage. He is also making sure his claims are fully supported, focusing his administration’s efforts on goals that provide the infrastructure, the talent, the regulatory environment and the innovative mindset that today’s companies need to thrive. Casa Grande Mayor Bob Jackson was also at the podium, demonstrating that Casa Grande Arizona is one of those viable and “promising area(s)” for Lucid and other innovative companies.

An innovative and highly educated workforce, excellent cost of living, available space, economic incentives, nurturing policies and regulation …all of it makes this place a no brainer

So where in the world is Casa Grande? Strategically, Casa Grande is located right in between Phoenix and Tucson Arizona. With a population of 50,000+ this town is 30 to 60 minutes away from major business and education centers in Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe and Tucson.

Lucid and other companies in Casa Grande (we’ll get to that in a minute) have access to America’s “most innovative” Arizona State University, and the also critically acclaimed University of Arizona with its formidable aerospace and engineering programs. (U of A has produced 6 actual mission astronauts). What does all of this mean? Casa Grande is making a very concerted effort to become one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S. in both population, employment and now innovation. This desert gem provides an attractive destination offering a qualified workforce that is strategically positioned near several key interstate freeways, airports and rail lines. Undoubtedly, these factors amongst others, make it a prime spot for any type of manufacturing. Again, cost of living, available space, economic incentives, nurturing regulations and policies make Casa Grande a no brainer.

“I am frankly not impressed at all when I read that Arizona is still the tenth, or the fifteenth, or whatever, best place in America for finding work or doing business…our goal is not to be lost in the pack, somewhere between California and Texas. Our goal in Arizona is to be the best place in America to work and do business.”

Doug Ducey, 2015 State of the Union Speech

Lucid is not alone; Casa Grande has been working hard to attract innovative and industrious companies to its city. Here’s a list from Casa Grande’s Economic Development website:

Abbott NutritionNVC (Nat’l Vitamin Co.)Daisy BrandFrito LayHexcelPriceMonsantoWalMart Distribution Center

Another key and exciting development in Casa Grande AZ is the building of PhoenixMart which at 150 acres, is destined to become the largest global product marketplace in the Western Hemisphere. PhoenixMart will house a select number of retail and restaurant merchants while focusing on innovation and world trade. The PhoenixMart will be over 1.5 million square feet in size and will house more than 2,000 tenants.

There is an old Chinese proverb that states, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” This same adage is told by real estate agents; simply replace tree with buying a house. You cannot do anything about the opportunity you missed 20 years ago. However, you can seize the day and make those opportunities bear fruit…but it has to start today. Many may not be able to see the opportunity in the desert but if you look closely, there is something going on out there. The more impressive fact: there are people doing the right things to make that tree grow.

Come discover the possibilities in Casa Grande, Arizona.

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