Executive Orders: A Necessary Tool in these Precarious Times

An administration is elected in November and sworn in, in January because time is required to facilitate a thorough transition of information between the incoming and outgoing teams. The current administration, and this country is 90 days behind where they should be.

Rise from the Fire

If we truly wrest from our experiences the knowledge and wisdom to move forward, only looking back to ensure we have captured all that is necessary to keep from repeating past errors, then we owe it to each other, all of us brothers and sisters in humanity, to do the work we can, to hold out our hands and lift those that have fallen, protect the earth on which we live…

My Chemo Reading List

“You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It … More

Part II – My Battle with Pancreatic Cancer

When you’re faced with your own mortality you may believe that, all of the sudden, you will be filled with the wisdom and courage to sort it all out and keep it together for yourself and those that surround you. You may believe that significant adversity will instantly provide you with all of the right things to say to calmly manage any situation. Challenges will provide you with the perfect story or anecdote to assuage any doubts and fears, and most importantly, provide you with a viable solution to solve any problem…well, not me.

Ubuntu: I am because of you

Amidst a hostile environment of harsh words, shaking fists, toxic hubris and an uncertain future, a message of hope, humility … More