I fell in Love with Arizona

“Arizona is young and daring. She is not tied to precedent, to convention, to other states’ ways of doing things…. She is bent on making her own ways, and in her own way. Her mistakes will be her own, and her triumphs likewise.” George Wharton James, Arizona, the Wonderland, 1917

That quote couldn’t describe Arizona’s character any better. I came to Arizona in 2005, at the height of a booming real estate market…and the beginning of “the crash”. Phoenix and surrounding cities had been hit harder than most across the U.S. But I had know Phoenix for a long time before this, and I knew that this devastation would not last. It is the ‘special something’ about Phoenix that still makes me excited to call this desert oasis my home. Phoenix, AZ is about to become the 5th largest U.S. city with a growing population of 4.3 million (6.3 million in the state). That population has doubled since 1980 and is expected to continue growing for a couple more decades.

There is the cultural and aesthetic appeal of southwest style and grace and there is also the growing big city feel that is constantly rising from the desert. We have a wonderful symphony orchestra, professional opera, theater, and ballet, world-class museums (see links below), Scottsdale shopping, plus a variety of entertainment possibilities – there is never a reason for a boring night in AZ. All this and our professional teams are competitive in almost every major sport.

Believe it or not, there are ski resorts within a few hours of the Phoenix metro area and a growing wine country north of Phoenix and south of Tucson. With sunshine over 300 days a year, we have a spirited outdoor culture with plenty of hiking and mountain biking trails across our cities.

Experiencing the electric activity and growth across Arizona and the metro Phoenix area, is like watching the proverbial life force and energy rise from a smoldering pile of ashes.

“Few countries in the world present so marvelous a variety of scenic features as does Arizona…. the youngest of the American States, and yet one of the oldest lands of the whole continent…. What a wonderland …” George Wharton James, Arizona, the Wonderland, 1917

Hopefully by now you’ve heard, I have moved my career from one great brand to another – if you haven’t, please check you Junk Mail folder. I spent most of my career creating the perfect customer experience and had a pretty successful run doing that. So, in this new chapter of my life, as I enter the real estate market, I have partnered with one of the most respected Brands in the world, Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s International Realty.

Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s International Realty is dedicated to bringing the highest level of service and technology to your experience, expanding our reputation as the most respected name in real estate. As a Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s agent, I will deliver experiences beyond expectations. Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s International Realty, is a global company with tremendous reach, so even if you are not in the U.S. I can still help you find that commitment and world class experience anywhere.

I know that buying or selling a home is one of the most important transactions anyone will ever make. I want to take that same attention and focus on customer experience, and apply it to your experience with buying a home, a vacation home, investment properties or helping you understand the real estate market in general.

Originally born and raised in Toronto Canada, I still love my hometown and that, multicultural, big city feel Toronto provides. I was born a first generation Canadian, born of Italian immigrants. I know the passion and importance of heritage and culture – my beautiful Italian family is huge: I have more family than some people have in their entire business network. I will always proud of them and my heritage.

I am however, twice blessed. I have fallen in love with Arizona and especially the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas…not to mention Sedona, Prescott, Pine, the Rim, Flagstaff etc. etc etc. I have fallen love with the majestic landscape. I have fallen love with the beautiful flora and fawn that changes right before your eyes on even short road trips. I have fallen in love with the people of Arizona, both natives and many from other places, who also fell in love with this oasis and never turned back. I fell in love with hope and possibility. This hope and possibility is like the hopes and dreams my parents had immigrating to Canada. I believe there are great days ahead for Arizona. I believe this young and daring state, that has triumphed in so many ways already will triumph in many, many more ways, resulting in even more reason I love to call Arizona home.

Watch this space and others as I try to document this exciting journey I am venturing on. I welcome your thoughts and feedback always!





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